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Ranesha & Ryan's Wedding

Today we are heading to The United Veterans Association Of Blair County in Altoona for the Wedding Reception of Raneasha and Ryan. Mother Nature has continued her fun of raining on parades today with a steady cold rain. 

After the Grand Entrance and toasts by the maid of honor and best man, we were treated to a meal by the UVA, that was out of this world. We then cut the cake to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. Ryan was nice enough to feed Raneasha the cake, she made him take a shot to the chin of cake. A little cake battle ensued afterwards before they got cleaned up and took center stage for their first dance as husband and wife to "For You I Will" by Monica. The bridal party was then asked to join the bride and groom for a special dance to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. Followed by the God Mother/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Dance.

We then opened the dance floor and paused for the garter/bouquet toss and the Mr & Mrs Game, where learned that Ryan is more likely to drop his phone in the toilet and is on Facebook more, while  Raneasha wears the pants in the relationship and is more likely to deal with a spider in the bathtub.

Cousin Steve then treated us to a short story about the accordion and than a polka played on his accordion.

There was some bizarre drinking game with the groom, best man, and a couple other male guests and groomsmen that happened to Thuderstruck from AC/DC...don't ask what, because we are not so sure we understood it either.

We then had to inform the Bride and Groom that somehow the song they had chosen as their last dance was for some reason coming up corrupted. We asked them if they had another song they would prefer and they said they would think of something. It was then we found out that the song was the first song they ever kissed to, and by god if we had to sing it ourselves we were going to make that song happen. After about 5 different ways of trying to figure out how to make it work with no Wi-Fi we figured it out and were able to make that special moment happen for them. The night ended with "What a Wonderful World" by The Clarks.

Congratulations To Mr & Mrs. Duffy!

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