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Morgan & Casey's Wedding

Morgan And Casey's First Dance W/ Bubbles
Today we travel to a place called DenElaine Springs Farm in Tryone. This is a barn that sits on Morgan & Casey's property, that they remolded for the purpose of their wedding, but also future events as well. 
It is still Central PA and Mother Nature is still playing her evil game of lets rain for 6 days straight and then maybe some sun. We have lots of sun today and it is just the right tempeture for a fall wedding. However we now have run into an issue, everything is a swamp from under the tents to the parking area. We manage to make it work. 
The recpetion is in the barn, but the ceremony is around the back of the property at a neighbors house. At 3PM the groomsmen arrive on dirt bikes to the ceremony and take their places as the bridal party and bride begin to make their way down the aisle to "I Get To Love You" by Ruelle. Once the officiant presents the new Mr & Mrs Frye they walk up the ailse to "How Sweet I…

Angela & Mike's Wedding

Angela & Mike's First Dance
Today we are heading to a new wedding venue, at a historic location. Today's wedding is at Penn's Cave! We will be christening the new enclosed pavilion with it's first wedding. The Wedding of Angela and Mike. With every new venue there are bound to be some hiccups along the way and one of the big ones was a date mix-up, forcing the couple to move the wedding to the weekend before they had actually invited everyone to. Still with the power of social media they were able to pull it off.
Angela had contacted me via Facebook about her wedding and said she loved what we had to offer but she wasn't sure she could swing the investment. I explained like I always do why the prices are what they are (look for a blog on that later) and told her I would work with her on a budget. We finally were able to agree on a price that worked for both of us. Then came the planning.
Angela had a love/hate relationship with our online planning tool. She lov…

We Bought A...

With the increase in business and demand of the more popular packages we had to expand! Introducing...well it doesn't have a name...our new trailer. This bad boy carries all the equipment that we need to make your event the best it can be.
If you see us going down the road with it, be sure to wave at us!

Carol And Jacob's Wedding Ceremony

Photo Courtesy of Micah Spicer
Carol had contacted us to provide just audio for her wedding ceremony only at Bald Eagle State Park. As this summer has proven Mother Nature was not playing nice again. The forecast had been for rain, then it backed off to a drizzle that was to end before the ceremony started. 
Carol was set on having her ceremony at this boat launch and if she could do it she was going to do it. Instead of the rain letting up, it got a little harder, and surprisingly the call was made to keep the ceremony at the boat launch. This was a surprise to not only us, but the bride as well. You can see she was shocked we were still outside in her review below.
So at 5PM the groom and groomsmen took their places and a special track that had been premixed for this occasion was given to us began as the bridal party and Carol made their way to the boat launch.
After many attempts to light the unity candle in the rain and a song sung by one of the bridesmaids, they were officially p…

Dave's Birthday Party

Tonight we are on our way to the Bellefonte Elks Club for a surprise birthday party. Lorna contacted us about surprising her husband Dave for his birthday. Lorna had met us at another birthday party earlier in the year at the Pleasant Gap Legion
Friends and family were all gathered around waiting for Dave and Lorna to arrive. They were getting a late start and one look at the TV told us why. Penn State had just gone into overtime with Appalachian State, it also happened to be first game of the season. 
When the finally did get there after Penn State's win, Dave was surprised and the party commenced.
Happy Birthday Dave!