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London & Corey's Wedding

All photos used in this post are courtesy of Lyttle Photo Company London & Corey's First Dance
Hello again! This week were are on a road trip. We are heading to the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company in Stewarstville, NJ for the wedding of London & Corey. It just also happens to be the day, a Nor Easter has decided to develop off the NJ coastline.
Originally when London had contacted us it was to handle both here Ceremony and Reception, but she would soon find out that because of policy reasons the venue could not allow what she had envisioned for her ceremony. London was actually able to secure a new location in a park about 30 minutes away from the venue. Without power though, there was not anyway of us providing power for the ceremony. London said that maybe live music would be more romantic anyway, and would fit better with the setting of the park.
Well as we have seen so many times this summer...Mother Nature had other plans. They were forced once again to move t…

Nicole & Christopher's Wedding

Nicole & Christopher On The Dance Floor
Today we are once again headed over the hill to Harmony Forge Inn in Bellefonte. Today is the wedding Ceremony & Reception of Christopher and Nicole, and once again Mother Nature has other plans.
Nicole wanted to get married in front of the main house, but the weather was calling for, yep you guessed it, rain! They mad the call to move the ceremony into the barn. Turns out though the forecast was wrong and the sun actually shined all the way through the ceremony, minus the 30 second shower that happened just before the ceremony from an invisible cloud.
We did not need to provide cocktail music for this wedding as we were treated to some very lovely music from some live string musicians. When Jana from Jana Scott Photography returned with the bridal party, we did the Grand Entrance.
Before dinner and toasts Nicole & Christopher wanted to thank everyone for coming to their destination wedding (just kidding). Turns out that these two me…

She Turns 3 Today

It has been less than 24 hours since we left Mifflinburg and we are already back. This time we were contracted to bring our bubble machine to a 3 year-old's Birthday Party. 
Bubbles can enhance any event. Call us and we can talk about bubbles!

Ashley & Nate's Wedding

Ashley & Nate's First Dance With Bubbles
Today we traveled to our favorite little spot in Mifflinburg again. Laurel Lodge Events! This time for the Wedding Ceremony and Reception of Ashley & Nate. 
We first spoke with Ashley & Nate in June of 2017, when we talked about what they were looking for from their special day, and what we could do, if anything, to enhance that. After our meeting we were asked to send the contract to them, and they signed as soon as they got it.
There were not many questions from either Ashley or Nate leading up to the planning meeting. Once at the planning meeting we found out that Ashley had a Pintrest page that had starting to put together for her wedding date, even before she met Nate. Well now the pressure was on!
It's 2PM now and all the guests are seated. Nate and the Groomsmen walk down front to the clearing in the woods and wait, as the Bridal party makes their way down the aisle. Then everyone rises as the music switches to Ruelle…