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Andrew & Melody's Wedding

Photo courtesy of Euphoric Shutterbug
This week we are heading to a neat little venue outside Mifflinburg called Laurel Lodge Events. This week we are providing services for the ceremony and reception of Andrew and Melody. The reception being held in the lodge with the ceremony across the road in a clearing in the woods.
At 11AM the Groom and Groomsmen take their spots as the bridal party makes their way down the aisle. With Melody following behind walking down the aisle to "Here Comes The Bride". Once the ceremony ends and the officiant has presented the new Mr & Mrs Haupt, the newlyweds makes their way back up the aisle to "(Say Hey) I Love You" by Michael Franeti & Spearhead. 
The guests are invited to the lodge for drinks and snacks while Kaitlin from Euphoric Shutterbug takes the couple, bridal party, and family for pictures.
Once the bridal party returns we line them up and bring them in for the grand entrance while raining bubbles on the crowd from t…

Olivia & Caelan's Wedding

Olivia dancing with her father
This week we are heading to Tyrone for a wedding at the Boy Scout Camp, better known as Camp Anderson. This week we are providing services for Olivia And Caelan's Wedding Ceremony and Reception.
The Reception is being held in the Mess Hall, and the ceremony is down the road and across the little stream. For mid July the weather is pretty pleasant with sunny skies and temps in the upper 70's with very little humidity. 
At 2PM the Groomsmen and Groom take their places as the bridal party starts down the aisle followed by Olivia who enters to "Here Comes The Bride". The ceremony continues with a sand pouring and as Mr And Mrs Hughes are presented the bridal party exits to "The Wedding March"
At this point Kayla takes the bridal party and family for pictures while the guests are directed back to the mess hall for drinks. (Because this is a Boy Scout Camp the wedding is dry) 
After the bridal party returns we bring them into the re…